Name : All That Brandy Gentle Mate

Breed : Australian Shepherd

Date of Birth : 15.3.2007

Colour : red merle

Tail : Born with a naturally short tail

Breeder : Mgr.Václav Kozel, CZ

Exams – Dogdancing : MD1, MD2, MD3, HTM1, HTM2, HTM3, F1,F2, F3, DWD1, DWD2, DWD3 = Champion of Dogdancing

Obedience : OB-Z, OB1

Poslušnost : ZOP, BH

Sheep Herding : ZVOP



Brandy was a puppy from a litter who I chose long ago, still in the care of her parents. She was born on the night of our graduation prom, and so I decided to name her after a kind of alcohol : ). I chose her from four bitches who all appeared to have the same character traits. Ultimately the choice fell on the only red merle and naturally short-tailed. On leaving, the breeder shared with me that she probably wouldn’t be suited to dog dancing, being too lazy…

At the age of 15 months Brandy competed in her first event, the Czech Championships of Dog Dancing, which she won, and thanks to which we were on our way to great success. Today Brandy belongs among the world’s elite, which is confirmed by the results below. The value of a dog is not only about its successes, though. At least not for me. So just what is Brandy like? She’s all heart, my partner who I can always rely on. Thanks to her natural “wish to please” attitude, working with her is never a problem. She wants to work with people, wants to please them. I had a lot of luck with Brandy because such a dog can’t be taught, she has to have it inside her. We are especially dedicated to dog dancing, but we also train in dog frisbee, obedience, breeding sports and agility. For my part I’m sure Brandy enjoys it. But if she had to choose her No.1 sport it would be bikejoring – in a past life she must have been a sledge dog :-)

Brandosaurus has an even temperament, puts up with all dogs and loves all people. In case I’m overdoing it with the praise, she also has her flaws – as quickly as she learns new exercises she picks up new bad habits which she never gets out of, like going through the rubbish bin and so on. Since she grew up with a pack of Chihuahuas she obviously things she’s one of them and doesn’t realize that my sofa is small and she is the biggest ‘Australian Chihuahua’ in central Europe :-D

Brandy is simply unique and, to this day, I’m glad I chose the ‘lazy one’….


Brandy and dog dancing

9x Czech Champion ( in both divisions)

European Champion 2009 Heelwork to Music

Dog dancing team of the year 2009 & 2010

Best Dog Competition 2009

Freestyle 2nd & 3rd place in Heelwork to Music – World Champs, Denmark 2010

World Champion 2010 Freestyle teams

Champion of Germany 2011

Dog Handler of the Year 2011 dancing – 1st place (with me .-)

3rd place Freestyle & 3rd place Heelwork to Music – World Champs, Austria 2012

World Champion 2012 Freestyle teams

3rd place Crufts International Freestyle Final 2012 – UK

2012 – awarded title CoD ( Champion of Dog Dancing)

2013 Winner of Italian Open Championships


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